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By Yannie Chan | October 12th, 2015

Because anything animal-themed, miniature, beef-flavored or under $10 surely shaped your childhood. And, let’s be honest: We still get super stoked when we come across Roller Coast chips on a junk trip.

1. Four Seas Seaweed. Why are there only four pieces of seaweed in a pack? WHYY?


2. Ginbis Animal Biscuits. They may not taste like anything whatsoever, but the animal shapes are irresistibly adorable.


3. Spicy Rolls. Cheap, tasty, and one of the only snacks you can afford on your study-snack allowance.


4. Beef Flavoured Crunchies. SO GOOD, but why do they always disappear so fast?


5. Cola Mini Candy. Once you pop you can’t stop… 



6. Dahfa dried fish fillet. Ahh, the good old days. It feels like only yesterday you and your friends were competing to see who can fit the most in their mouths.


 7. Pop-Pan Spring Onion Crackers. Bet you still have a pack on your office desk.


8. Roller Coast. Chips that double up as rings? Yep, Roller Coast chips rock.


9. Mamee noodles. The bottom bits covered in most seasoning are the best. thing. ever.