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By Yannie Chan | January 25th, 2016

We are Hong Kong food fanatics, but at the end of the day some foods just don’t deserve an ounce of love. Here’s what on our shit list at the moment.

1. Japanese All-you-can-eat “fong tai 放題” dinners. It’s mostly bad sashimi, sloppy food and crowded seating. Over it.

Ever had overcooked oysters at an all-you-can-eat? Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Ever had overcooked oysters at an all-you-can-eat? We feel for you. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

2. Puff pastry egg tarts. Because butter crust is the real deal FO SHO.

Puff pastry will never beat the butter crust. Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Sorry puff pastry, butter crusts are always better. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

3. Atmospheric cha chaan tengs. There are some famous cha chaan tengs that are fantastic all around, and there are others where the nostalgic interior clearly outshines the food. By all means, go and take lots of photos, but stop raving about the mediocre grub.

Ugh. Credit:
Ugh. So over it. Credit:

4. Sago dessert soup, aka sai mai lou. It’s like sickeningly sweet condensed milk pudding that melted everywhere. What is the appeal?

What's good??! Photo: 秋/Flickr
What’s good about this??! Photo: 秋/Flickr

5. Celebrity wonton noodles. Why spend a gazillion dollars on big-name noodles when you can go to plenty of no-name wonton noodles places — like Roca in Jordan. Now those are real noodles.

Roca's wonton noodles are AMAZING.
Roca’s wonton noodles are AMAZING.

6. Shark’s fin is somehow still considered a staple in banquet dinners. What?! How is this still allowed to happen?

Stop already! Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Just stop it already! Photo: Wikipedia Commons

7. All-day, always overpriced breakfast. I’m sick of a plate of overcooked scrambled egg, sausage, beans and toast adding up to $150.

When will this end? Photo: Edinburgh Blog/ Flickr
When will this end? Photo: Edinburgh Blog/ Flickr

8. Pizza Hut. This is not real pizza. And there is no reason to have a sit-down meal here. Worse yet is when you walk into an office party and Pizza Hut is on the table. Do you have tastebuds?

The worst. Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Dear pizza hut: You are the worst. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

9. Giant fishballs in Cheung Chau. Good for an Instagram post, but in terms of taste? These balls are pretty bland.

Disappointed. Credit:
So much hype. So much disappointment. Credit: