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By Karen Chiang | August 19th, 2018

The buzz about “Crazy Rich Asians” has reached fever pitch, and we just can’t wait for the movie to hit up the cinemas. You may not have the outrageous jewelry or covetable closet packed with high-end designer duds from Paris, but you certainly can daydream about living large. Here are five places in Hong Kong where you can get a taste of that “Crazy Rich Asians” lifestyle. Each one is inspired by the movie’s filming locations in Singapore, and is about as close as you’ll get without hopping on a flight. Though if you were a Crazy Rich Asian, you wouldn’t think twice about doing that, too.

1. The Peninsula, Hong Kong

Photo: Facebook / The Peninsula, Hong Kong

Called “The Grande Dame of the Far East,” the historic Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong is the Harbour City’s answer to Singapore’s iconic Raffles Hotel. Though a couple of decades younger than the Singapore property, Hong Kong’s own bastion of opulence is equally iconic and boasts regal architecture and a must-have afternoon tea in the lobby.

2. Ritz-Carlton Pool

Photo: The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Though it’s no Marina Bay Sands, the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong boasts its own infinity pool. And sitting 188 stories above Victoria Harbour, it’s even higher – and dare we say, boasts better views – than it Singapore counterpart. Once you’ve stopped gawking at the breathtaking panoramas, while away the day in the indoor pool or the outdoor whirlpool.

3. Hong Kong Park

Photo: Flickr CC / Mathias Apitz (München)

In the movie, an over-the-top wedding scene takes place at the SuperTree Grove at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Hong Kong Park might not have waterfalls – or the SuperTrees – but it’s still a gorgeous green oasis in the heart of the city. And it features its very own observatory.

4. Nan Lian Garden

Photo: Flickr CC / Jesús Mallo

Another Singapore filming location is CHIJMES, one of Singapore’s architecturally arresting Catholic landmarks turned shopping, dining and entertainment hotspot. Spinning the religious theme, Hong Kong’s Nan Lian Garden – and the adjacent Chi Lin Nunnery – is a representation of harmonious Chinese architecture and Buddhism. The large complex exudes a sense of tranquility that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

5. Temple Street

Photo: Marim68821 via Wikipedia Commons

Even Crazy Rich Asians know that sometimes you have to slum it to find the best. In Singapore, Nick and Rachel head to Lau Pa Sat – a popular Victorian-era hawker center – to what is arguably the best satays in town. You can experience a similar outing at Temple Street’s many local hawker stalls and Dai Pai Dongs, which serve local eats like claypot rice and fresh seafood.

Crazy Rich Asians lands in Hong Kong cinemas on August 23, 2018. 

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