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By Shimron Singh | December 29th, 2022

With the China borders set to open in January 2023, the cosmopolitan port city of Guangzhou is an attractive holiday destination for Hong Kongers. It’s not far, just a one-hour high-speed train ride. The city is teeming with lots of historical architecture. There are tons of significant shopping areas. You can be at one with nature with the vast botanical gardens and mountains. What’s not to love? So let’s break down the coolest areas to visit in Guangzhou for your next trip.

Liwan District

Photo: Eduardo M.

Located on the West side of Guangzhou city is Liwan District. This area boasts well-preserved Lingnan features, European-style buildings, and old commercial blocks. Visitors can expect to see and experience extraordinary local culture, art, and architecture in Liwan District. We recommend setting your sights on the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family from the Qing Dynasty, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street — for some retail therapy, and Shamian Island.

Yuexiu District

Photo: Sisi Zzling

Yuexiu District is one of the oldest districts in Guangzhou. It’s also home to the commercial hub of the city. The district has a plethora of things to do from parks and temples to art and museums. Yuexiu Park is a serene, well-preserved park that dates back to the Ming Dynasty, making it a great place to start with. Take a stroll through the Temple of Six Banyan Trees and soak in the rich history. Bask in the Classical Chinese Art at the Guangzhou City Art Museum.

Tianhe District

Coolest areas to visit in guangzhou
Photo: Vladyslav Dushenkovsky

Tianhe District is the new center point of the city, with skyscrapers and shopping malls comparable to Hong Kong. It’s a popular area for tourists to stay in as the Guangzhou Railway station is conveniently located here. Some of the world-renowned attractions in the district include the Guangzhou Library, Guangzhou Opera House, and Zhongtian Shopping Mall.

Baiyun District

Photo: Zengsx

If you’re done with the hustle and bustle of city life, Baiyun District is the perfect area to visit. Surrounded by Baiyun Mountain, take a hike and overlook the beautiful city skyline and the Pearl River. The breathtaking Nanhu National Tourism Resort is ideal for families, where there’s something to do for everyone.

Conghua District

Photo: Dusit Devarana Hot Springs & Spa Conghua

Did you think hot springs were only in Japan and Switzerland? With only a one-hour high-speed train ride to Guangzhou, Conghua’s hot springs are comparable to the ones in Switzerland. It has unique elements that can benefit our health and body. We recommend checking out Dusit Devarana Hot Springs & Spa for a perfect winter getaway.

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