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By Michelle Chan | January 10th, 2023

Who doesn’t like flowers? Captivating with nature’s most elegant curves, dashing colors and alluring aromas, these earth-grown beauties are most deserving of the spotlight when it comes to festivities.

This Chinese New Year, take your interior decor to the next level by bringing home floral arrangements blessed with immense beauty and good wishes for the Year of the Rabbit. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Chinese New Year flowers and what they mean. 

Bringer of good fortune: Orchid

Image: Ellermann’s Orchid Opulence

Orchid is the star of every Chinese New Year flower market. Coming in an array of lavish hues with delicate petals reminiscent of butterflies, orchid is not only a treat to the eye but also the conveyor of good fortune, familial harmony and abundance in life.

Her blossoming majesty: Peony

If flowers had royalty, peony would definitely command as queen with its supple, elegant stature. Revered as the epitome of feminine beauty and a symbol of prosperity, peony is the guest of honor of many Chinese New Year decoration plans to those who celebrate it.

Sound of auspiciousness: The citrus variety

Image: Give Gift Boutique’s Mandarin Orange Pot

If you ever need a break from flowers (says no one ever), a pot of citrus may be the way to go. Homophonic with the Chinese word for “good fortune”, mandarin orange makes for the luckiest New Year decor when decked out with lai see envelopes and traditional bright red knots.

Happily ever after: Narcissus

With a gentle fragrant complementing its ethereal Chinese name sacred lily, narcissus is at full bloom during Chinese New Year to give you that extra boost of fortune. Usually placed in a low ceramic bowl and wrapped with red ribbons, this dashing beauty is the favorite of many.

Romance is just a sniff away: Peach blossom

Peach blossom is associated with romance and prosperous relationships for good reason: its blushing color and soft petals touch the most tender part of our hearts. Each year, eager shoppers visit the flower market in search of a lucky branch to start the year on a splendid note.

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