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By The Loop HK Staff | November 1st, 2019

We all love a premium, fresh cheese, but in Hong Kong, it can sometimes feel like you need to sell your kidneys to acquire the good stuff. That’s exactly how Cheese Club was born. In 2018, two French entrepreneurs grew tired of shelling out for their weekly cheese supply and decided to buck the trend. Now, the company offers great cheese at prices that are up to 60% cheaper than other Hong Kong retailers – all without compromising quality, freshness, and service.

As well as great pricing, Cheese Club works with a wide network of amazing suppliers to ensure they always have the finest selection of fresh European produce. Cheese is, of course, the focus here, but you’ll also get great cold cuts, fruits, and veggies.

So how does it work?

Cheese Club organizes one bulk purchase offer at the beginning of each month; one week after the offer ends, orders of fresh, high-quality cheese are delivered straight to your door. The offer changes every month as all produce is carefully selected according to whatever the best European cheesemongers and farmers are creating each season.

This November, the offer highlights cheese from the French Alps’ Haute-Savoie region. Working with a new supplier, renowned cheesemonger Joseph Paccard, the brand is now bringing award-winning farm cheese like Abondance, Reblochon, and Tomme de Savoie to tantalize your tastebuds.

cheese club

So give Cheese Club a try and get in on their November deal – but don’t delay, the offer ends on Sunday, November 10!

For more info, visit or call 2178 2229.


Written by The Loop HK for Cheese Club.

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