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By Gayatri Bhaumik | February 25th, 2019

You’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to movies and TV shows on Netflix. But next time you’re on the couch and browsing for something new and exciting to watch, you may want to check these quirky flicks out. These art films on Netflix take you behind the scenes of some of the biggest names and stories in the art world.

Saving Banksy

Using the instantly-recognisable street art of graffiti artist Banksy, this film explores the racket of black market art and the conflicts between street art and profiteering. The story focuses on one hapless art collector’s attempt to save a Banksy panting from destruction and auction.

Abstract: The Art of Design

In this eight-part series, innovative designers from different disciplines discover how art and design permeates every aspect of life. Follow along as Christoph Niemann looks at illustrations, Tinker Hatfield explores footwear and Nike’s iconic Air Jordans, and Platon looks at the intrusive reality of photography on a shoot with General Colin Powell.

The 100 Years Show

In this intriguing documentary by director Alison Klayman, viewers are taken behind the scenes as pioneering Cuban artist Carmen Herrera chases artistic success and fame over an entire lifetime. It’s only 29 minutes, but this biopic packs a serious punch and has won plenty of awards.

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski

Billed as a “biographical movie” this movies is a compelling chapter-by-chapter exploration of a group of LA-based artists who discover the true story — and genius — of “mad” Polish sculptor Santislac Szukalski.

Fake or Fortune

This intriguing mini-series features just four hour-long episodes, but they offer a compelling look into the murky underside of the art world — forgeries. Art experts Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould employ investigative skills and scientific techniques to determine the authenticity of works by British arts L.S. Lowry, French impressionist Renoir, an Italian Old Master, and even a set said to be done by Winston Churchill.

Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

What Monet and Renoir did for Impressionism, Disney did for animation. Which is why this biopic about Disney animator Floyd Norman is such a thrilling peek into one of the greatest names in animated movies. Blending original animated sequences with interviews and archival footage, this film tells the story of Norman’s unique career.

Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang

If you’ll excuse the pun, we can’t help but call this artsy documentary pretty lit. Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang is know for his captivating pyrotechnic displays, and in this thrilling documentary, you’ll follow along as he attempts his most ambitious project yet.

International Street Art

Street art used to get a bad rep. In this gorgeous hour-long documentary, you’ll travel the world to see the most vibrant works of street art in New York, Paris, Berlin and Sao Paolo and see how “graffiti” became a bona fide art form.

Velvet Buzzsaw

The art world meets horror in this slightly satirical supernatural thriller. When a feared art critic, a cold-as-ice gallery owner, and an overly ambitious assistant buy a collection of paintings by a recently deceased artist, bad things start to happen. It’s a little OTT, but with serious star power — Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Toni Collette, Billy Magnussen and John Malkovich all appear — and a Sundance award, you bet this one’s worth watching.

Have You Seen the Listers?

Breaking into the art world is no easy task. This documentary shows just how tough it can be as it follows Australian street artist Anthony Lister as he tries to manage his fledgling career while dealing with personal hardships.

Walt Before Mickey

Based on the real life of Walt Disney, this movie shows how a small-town boy from Missouri fielded big career breaks, bad business deals and a string of romances in order to make it in Hollywood and become the biggest name in animation.

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