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By Yannie Chan | June 22nd, 2020

Clean Air Network and local group Tai Ping Shan Cinema will be hosting a free community movie screening on June 26. Two films will be screened, each followed by a discussion session. The screening will take place on Shing Wong Street in Central. Together, the films explore environmental justice advocacy in Hong Kong and in mainland China.

The first film Struggles for Land: NENT Developing Stories (巨輪下的新界東北) is a 2014 documentary by a group of students, and tells the stories of villagers impacted by the northeast New Territories development plans. Featuring many interviews, the film also throws light on the culture and history of villages in the New Territories. Both Chinese and English subtitles will be available. 

The second film Lethal Justice (「砷」冤) documents the story of a village affected by arsenic pollution in mainland China. Liu Shu, an environmental advocate and director of the documentary, spent two years conducting research in the village. Her work eventually pressured the local government into providing treatment for villagers sick from arsenic. This film only has Chinese subtitles. 

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