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By The Loop HK Staff | December 19th, 2019

In September 2019, a two-storey building on 41 Cumberland Road in Kowloon Tong was torn down to make way for a center of Chinese studies. The teardown left nothing but an outdoor mosaic and four window frames to be incorporated into the new building.

But, of course, this is Hong Kong, and old buildings here come with a side of intriguing history. This was, in fact, once Bruce Lee’s mansion. In 1972, the Kung Fu artist spent a year living in this house with his family before his death in 1973. Afterwards, the structure was purchased by Mainland Chinese businessman Yu Pang-lin. Bruce Lee’s former home had a brief stint as a love hotel, before Yu announced plans to convert it into a museum honoring Lee. Unfortunately never came to fruition, leaving the mansion to its current fate of demolition.

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