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By The Loop HK Staff | October 31st, 2017

Food for Thought: Want to learn more about Hong Kong’s fascinating food scene? Check out “Hong Kong Food & Culture: From Dim Sum to Dried Abalone”, a 348-page coffee table book published by our parent company Man Mo Media.

From profiles with traditional food artisans to classic Hong Kong-style recipes and Cantonese translations for key terms (complete with an innovative pronunciation guide that matches each Cantonese tone to a musical note on the classical major scale), this book is jam-packed with information, stories, and beautiful photos to go along.

Hong Kong Food & Culture: From Dim Sum to Dried Abalone
Hong Kong Food & Culture: From Dim Sum to Dried Abalone

What else? The book is written by former HK Magazine dining columnist and current Loop HK publisher, Adele Wong, with photos by acclaimed street photographer Alan Pang. The recipes are created by former HK Magazine production manager and Cantonese culture guru Blackie Hui, and the translations are done by Yannie Chan Sin Yan, former HK Magazine news reporter.

Where to buy? The book is available at select retail stores across the city, including Bookazine, GOD, and Cordis Hotel. Or, order directly from our website (free delivery in Hong Kong).

Bon appetit!


Written by The Loop HK for our company Man Mo Media