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By Jefferson Mendoza | August 30th, 2018

Where is it?: Big Wave Beach is a favorite for many local surfers. Located at the scenic eastern end of Hong Kong Island, there’s also a hiking trail close buy, and a prehistoric rock carving that is a declared monument. Big Wave Beach is small than the more popular Shek O Beach – just a 25-minute walk away – but there are shops, refreshments and a relaxing vibe within the vicinity.

Lee Wai Shu, owner of Relax Surf Shop, says Big Wave Beach is popular because of its proximity to the city, and the prevalence of strong winds for surfing. He adds that surfing is a culture. It allows him the freedom to be in the moment and enjoy the community that flocks to Big Wave Beach to surf together.

On weekends and during holidays, the beach can be very crowded. The Time of day – and the time of the year – can make a big difference in the enjoyment of the sport. During the typhoon season, there is a perception of danger, but surfers still come out because of the stronger waves. The best advice is to follow the rules. People should be aware where the surfers are, and they shouldn’t block surf paths.

Getting back to the city after sunset may be a nuisance because of the long queues for the bus and mini-bus so be sure to plan your day ahead of time.

Planning to surf?: Shops at Big Wave Beach offer surf boards – both glass and foam boards – and wetsuits for rent, among other things.

How much?: Surf lessons start from HK$800. Early morning or late afternoon sessions are best for avoiding crowds. Check the weather in advance.

How to get there?:Take the MTR Shau Kei Wan Station, Exit A3; then take bus 9 or the mini bus to Big Wave Beach.


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