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By Cecilia Tang | April 4th, 2017

Hongkongers have coined a specific term to describe the act of discovering new street food: 掃街 (so guy, “sweep the streets”) —  an apt description of foodies combing the streets for the best stalls and the tastiest grub.

Not to be outdone by their outdoor peers with the literal street cred, some shopping malls and plazas are starting to focus their resources on more premium food and beverage offerings too. Case in point: the Argyle Centre in Mong Kok has introduced a whole bunch of mouth-watering and affordable snack options that are worth pushing through the crowds for. Here are some of our favorites while “sweeping” through the venue.

The Beef & Leaf 

The Beef & Leaf
The Beef & Leaf

Where: Shop F87A, 1/F

Burger fans: this is a booth you can get behind. Founded partly by local singer Jason Chan, The Beef & Leaf specializes in mantou / bao burgers and freshly handmade beef patties, served together with oozing eggs and a hearty dose of cheese and lettuce ($46). Opt for a lighter twist with the sweet and sour burger ($38).

Nun Asia

Where: Shop F84, 1/F

Nun Asia adds its own twist to Korean footlong waffles, by using a variety of toppings and flavors like D24 durian, tiramisu, and purple sweet potato. Made to order, each waffle has a crispy exterior that gives way to a soft center. Get a full-sized savory waffle like the black truffle egg salad ($48) to fill you up, or get half a chocolate caramel banana waffle ($28) as a sweet treat.

Stuff in a Cup

Stuff in a Cup's Fried Chicken Cheesy Bolognese with Rice
Stuff in a Cup’s Fried Chicken Cheesy Bolognese with Rice


Where: Shop F87B, 1/F

Don’t be intimidated by Stuff in a Cup’s long and wordy menu — it’s only because it has so much to offer. True to its name, this takeaway shop not only offers all-day breakfast in a cup, but also easy and satisfying meals to-go. Take your pick from classics like laksa noodles with fishballs ($25) and deep-fried pork chop with curry and rice ($35), or go off the beaten path with a deep-fried ice cream ($10).

Master Hung | 洪祖師

Master Hung's Ta-a noodles
Master Hung’s Ta-a noodles

Where: Shop F88A, 1/F

Founded in 1895 in Taiwan, Master Hung is famed for its Tainan Ta-a noodles (台南擔仔麵, $35), a simple prawn soup noodle dish topped with fresh prawns and braised mince meat. Another must-have dish is the braised mince meat with rice (肉燥飯, $28 for the smaller portion), as well as giant meat balls soaked in soup (台式新竹巨蛋貢丸湯, $23).  The braised mince meat is flown in pre-made from Taiwan’s main store, so you can be sure of the authentic flavors.

ET Chicken | ET鹽水雞

Where: Shop F55, 1/F

Saltwater chicken, a Taiwanese cold dish, is the specialty at ET Chicken. Add on to your chicken-pieces-marinated-in-salted-water, with a variety of toppings like guava pieces, okra, broccoli, honeycomb tofu and more — all seasonal and freshly prepped for the day and tossed in a spicy sauce to finish (from $42).

Healahoma's Eden
Healahoma’s Eden


Where: Shop F86A, 1/F

Started by a group of four locals in their early 20s, Healahoma is the group’s creative way of asking the city to slow down and appreciate life, one sip at a time. Slurp up on the ombre mocktails (from $30) that come in glass bottles you can take home to reuse.