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By Andrea Lo | January 20th, 2020

From blind date locations to where to pop the question, we’ve got you covered on the restaurants best suited for the occasion:

Tinder Date 

Bar: Tell Camellia 

Why? Dim lighting, great cocktails, a sexy vibe, and a central location (so you have an easy escape route should things go awry). We’re also guessing you may not want want to commit to spending too much time with someone you don’t actually know IRL, so a casual date at a bar is probably your best pick. 

Tell Camellia

First Date 

Restaurant: Ham & Sherry 

Why? A stylish, intimate spot that’s not constantly packed with party people, where you can actually hear each other — what’s not to love? Order tapas to share. 

Ham Sherry Back Bar
Find your way into Ham Sherry’s Back Bar

Six Months In 

Bar: Caprice Bar 

Why? Just because you’ve been together for a few months doesn’t mean you have to let standards slip. In fact, this is the time to up the game, seeing as the six-month milestone is make-or-break time for a lot of couples. We’re not telling you to break the bank, though — and that’s why Caprice Bar, which adjoins three-Michelin-star French fine-dining establishment Caprice at the Four Seasons, is a great option. Take your pick of delicious cheeses and wash them down with wine. 

Caprice at Four Seasons Hong Kong

Valentine’s Day 

Restaurant: Frantzén’s Kitchen

Why? This place was made for long dinners for couples (or, as we say in Cantonese, “propping up the legs of the dining table.”) Taking inspiration from local ingredients, Frantzén’s Kitchen’s offerings are a fusion of nordic and Asian flavors — a perfect spot for adventurous foodie couples, or homebodies who want to try something new. 

Frantzen's Kitchen
Frantzen’s Kitchen

Long-term Relationship 

Restaurant: Amigo 

Amigo (via

Why? For decades, Amigo has been the restaurant du jour for well-heeled Hongkongers and local celebrities alike — and for good reason. Housed in a classy space with a Spanish-style decor, it’s a much-loved spot for special occasions. Take your other half to this Hong Kong institution for a lavish dinner, where they do things the old-school way.Expect European-style dining, and waiters speaking in hushed tones. 


Restaurant: Spices 

Why? We love Spices for its tropical resort vibe, beautiful views of the ocean — and its offerings of delicious Southeast Asian classics. The charming space is part of The Repulse Bay complex, which is a popular spot for weddings — and we can’t think of a better place than this to pop the question. 

Spices. Photo: Spices website
Spices. Photo: Spices website


Restaurant: Castro’s 

Why? Truthfully, there’s no “best” bar or restaurant for a breakup. But if you really wanted to find a bar to talk it out then part your ways, at least make it one where you can drown your sorrows in mojitos and rounds of tequila shots after. 

Casual catch up at Castro's. Photo: Noel Burns
Casual catch up at Castro’s. Photo: Noel Burns