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By Adele Wong | October 6th, 2015

They just don’t make Cantopop like they used to. Remember the days of the Four Heavenly Kings, when Leon, Aaron, Jacky and Andy ruled the stage? Or Faye, Sammi and Miriam in all their youthful glory? Take a trip down Memory Lane with these amazing throwback tunes.

1. Jacky Cheung’s “Love You More Each Day” is a cult classic. It doesn’t get more ballad-y than this.

2. So much feels for Faye Wong’s “No Regrets.”


3. Hear it and weep for Sammi Cheng’s “Unspoken Consensus.”


4. Andy Lau’s “The Days We Spent Together” was practically a national anthem.


5. YES to this medley by Andy Hui, Sammi Cheng, Aaron Kwok and Edmond Leung.


Which of your favorite Cantopo classics did we miss? Let us know in the comments!