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By Ashley Soo | October 18th, 2022

Photo-taking has never been easier for our generation, with all those filters and editing functions that come with our smartphones and social media platforms. Some folks think this deviates away from the essence of photography — to capture the moment — and they have decided to bring film cameras back. Scroll down to check out these film camera shops that help both beginners to kick start and connoisseurs to keep up the hobby.


Image: Showa

Showa offers a holistic service, from developing films to camera repair. While casual photographers can explore and test all the different types of roll, camera collectors will also be able to scout vintage pieces. If you are eager to learn more about films, sign up for Showa’s film developing and darkroom printing workshops!

Address: Causeway Bay and Mong Kok

Dot-Well Photo Workshop

Image: Dot-Well Photo Workshop

Those who call Kowloon their home would not be unfamiliar with Dot-Well Photo Workshop, where you will be able to find all the basic equipment to start your film journey. Beginners will also find all the tips on the workshop’s socials useful.

Address: 44 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Image: Imageplayground

Imageplayground is another film camera shop film-photo enthusiasts should pay a visit to. Located in various locations across Hong Kong, the shop is a literal playground for photographers — you will be able to find film rolls, accessories and all the lenses and flashes to upgrade your camera. You can find the cutest lifestyle products here. 

Address: Various locations


Image: Meteor

After an introduction, you would only want to get deeper into the hobby. And this is when you would want to check out Meteor. Hidden in the streets of Causeway Bay, Meteor offers a full range of Leica and cine lenses. The selection of niche photography books and prints will also be a great way to enter the world of photography and its history. Guests are also welcome to contribute to Meteor’s thrift finds to help your antique cameras find a second home.

Address: 9A Lin Fook House, 3 Jardine’s Crescent, Causeway Bay

Jiffy Film

Image: Jiffy Films

If you want to try developing your own films, Jiffy Film will be at your service. Besides the regular film development service, the Kwun Tong-based studio also holds workshops where guests develop their own rolls. Jiffy Film also sells film cameras like the Fuji Rensha Cardia, which captures a sequence of actions in multiple frames. 

Address: Room 1101, Ming Sang Industrial Building, 19 Hing Yip St, Kwun Tong

HK Camera

Image: HK Camera

HK Camera is your jam if you enjoy reading as much as your enjoy photography. The studio sets itself apart from the others with the extensive articles on its website that provides readers with everything they need to know about each model of camera, film rolls and photography tips. Of course, you will be able to get all of that in-store and online as well. 

Address: G/F, 59B Granville Road HKG Tsim Sha Tsui

Polab Instant Camera Shop 

Image: Polab Instant Camera Shop

Among all the film fanatics, there is a group that finds favor in instant film particularly. Polab Instant Camera Shop is a hub where you find everything Polaroid-related: camera repair, seminars, exhibitions, and more. 

Address: Shop D, 145 Lee Chi Road, Ap Lei Chau


Image: Kodak

Of course, busy Hongkongers would find Kodak Express near your homes the most convenient way to get your supplies and films developed. Located at various locations across the city, the industry veteran offers quality services that answer to all your needs.

Address: Various locations

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