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By Karen Chiang | September 1st, 2016

There’s something for everyone in a bowl of soupy cart noodles – a uniquely Hong Kong offering. Not sure where to go for this traditional street-side snack? Here are a few restaurants that really hit the spot. Just be prepared for the crowds! These are the best cart noodles in Hong Kong:

Man Kee | 文記車仔麵

Man Kee Cart Noodles in Sham Shui Po
Man Kee Cart Noodles in Sham Shui Po

Hands down, Man Kee has the best cart noodles in Hong Kong, proven by the constant queues outside the 24-hour Sham Shui Po store. With all the toppings laid out right in front of you, all you have to do is choose the noodles and vegetables (if you’d like) by pointing. It’s definitely not the setting for a first date, but you’re getting the full Hong Kong experience here.

Must-haves: chicken wings, pig intestines and homemade chili sauce.

G/F, 121 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po (MTR exit D2).

Sun Kee (Causeway Bay) | 新記車仔麵

Located in Causeway Bay, Sun Kee is often filled with a mix of locals and curious tourists. Although slightly expensive by cart noodle standards, it’s still one of the cheapest eats in the area!

Must-haves: pig large intestines, chicken wings, and curry fish balls.

Shop B, 49 Tung Lung Street, Causeway Bay.


Chopsticks Kee | 筷子記

Chopsticks Kee in Central
Chopsticks Kee in Central

A staple for most office workers and locals in expensive Central, Chopsticks Kee is a humble, if slightly cramped, Macanese eatery. You’ll find the usual pork chop buns here, but the dry mixed noodles are where it’s at. Make sure to order the satay sauce with your choice of toppings and noodles to get the best experience.

Must-haves: spicy pork neck, Macanese fish and pork roll, and satay sauce dry noodles.

Shop A1, Khuan Ying Commercial Building, 85-89 Wellington Street, Central. 

Block Sixteen Cart Noodle | 十六座車仔麵

Most cart noodle shops are pretty run-down, but Block Sixteen has a newly renovated retro interior, complete with menus in metal mailboxes and posters designed to look like ones from the 60s. Their soup base is made from a combination of pork bones and chicken, without any MSG added, and they’ve got the choice of spinach noodles or beetroot noodles on top of the regular ones – perfect for cart noodle veterans looking for something new to try.

Must-haves: curry squid, spare ribs (金沙青), and beef brisket.

G/F, 215A Fa Yuen Street, Prince Edward (MTR exit B2).

Noodle Supreme | 麵尊

Noodle Supreme in Sheung Wan
Noodle Supreme in Sheung Wan

One of the bigger cart noodle shops, Noodle Supreme is a favorite amongst Sheung Wan lunch crowds. Their signature toppings are also slightly different from the usual shops, with a few healthy choices like braised Chinese mushrooms and Chinese wheat gluten for the vegetarians. Spice lovers:  remember to try their mouth-numbing chili sauce.

Must-haves: Deep-fried fish skin, braised Chinese mushrooms, and pig blood curd.

Shop 1, 22-24 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan.

Sun Kee Noodles (Kennedy Town) | 新記特式車仔麵

Not to be confused with the Sun Kee mentioned above, this eatery at the end of the blue line is entirely separate from its doppelgänger. The sauce is the name of the game here, so don’t be shy to ask for a mix of their really spicy chili, beef brisket, and braised mushroom sauce. Thankfully, there’s less of a crowd in sleepy K-town – for now, so get acquainted with this place before everyone else does.

G/F, Shun Hing Building, 2-6A Smithfield, Kennedy Town.