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By Lulu Jeh | September 20th, 2018

Dear Lulu Jeh: My ex and I are kind of friends. We don’t go out of our way to hang out, but we’re cordial. The strange thing is that every now and then, she goes through periods of liking all my photos and posts. I can see that she watches all my stories! I don’t think she means anything by it – other than maybe just wanting a little bit of attention. How do I make this stop? — Social Anxiety

Dear SA: first of all, step away from your smartphone/computer and take a deep breath. Repeat after me: this is only social media.

Yes, you need a reality check right now. It’s only social media! Why is it such a big deal whether or not she likes your photos, or watches your videos?

Ask yourself this: do you have a problem with your platonic friends checking out your photos and videos? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t care about her!

On the flip side though, I do understand. If you’re no longer romantically involved with someone, and they’re still creeping on your social media, it can feel a bit confusing. Do they still like me? Are they looking for a hookup? Or are they just thirsty for attention?

Any of these could be true, but the most likely scenario is that they are simply liking your photos and watching your videos because you are friends, after all.

You might think this is something you want to bring up with your ex, but my suggestion is you keep this one quiet. If it really bothers you this much, why not limit their access to content on your social media, or even block them?

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