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By Gayatri Bhaumik | March 27th, 2019

Last night, the winners of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna were announced at the Wynn Palace in Macau.

Hong Kong had nine restaurants on the list, including Chinese stalwarts The Chairman and Lung King Heen, perennial favorites Amber and 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, and boundary-pushers Neighborhood and Ta Vie.

Belon, the modern French bistro by Black Sheep Restaurants, took the 15th spot, and also claimed the Highest Climber Award, having jumped 25 spots from 2018

The number one spot was claimed by Odette, a classic French fine-dining restaurant at the National Gallery in Singapore.

Gaggan, the Bangkok restaurant which took the list’s top spot for the last four years, claimed the second position for 2019. Though breaking its long streak as Asia’s best restaurant, the move was not wholly unexpected since the restaurant is set to close in 2020 and reopen in Japan later on.

Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo look to be hot foodie destinations for 2019. Each of the three cities landed in the list’s top 10 and had more than five restaurants on the list.

A number of special awards had been announced ahead of the event last night, and were presented during the ceremony. These included

elit™ Vodka Asia’s Best Female Chef – Garima Arora (Gaa; Bangkok)

The American Express Icon Award – Seiji Yamamoto

Asia’s Best Pastry Chef Award, sponsored by Valrhona – Fabrizio Fiorani

The Miele One to Watch Award – JL Studio (Singapore)

Chefs’ Choice Award, sponsored by Estrella Damm – Zaire Hasegawa (Tokyo, Japan)

Here is the full list of winners:

  1. Odette (Singapore)
  2. Gaggan (Bangkok, Thailand) Best Restaurant in Thailand Award
  3. Den (Tokyo, Japan) Best Restaurant in Japan Award
  4. Sühring (Bangkok, Thailand)
  5. Floriège (Tokyo, Japan)
  6. Ultraviolet (Shanghai, China) Best Restaurant in China Award
  7. Mume (Taipei, Taiwan) Best Restaurant in Taiwan Award
  8. Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)
  9. Nihonryori Ryugin (Tokyo, Japan)
  10. Burnt Ends (Singapore)
  11. The Chairman (Hong Kong)
  12. Otto e Mezzo Bombana (Hong Kong) Art of Hospitality Award
  13. Mingles (Seoul, South Korean) Best Restaurant in Korea Award
  14. La Cime (Osaka, Japan)
  15. Belon (Hong Kong) Highest Climber Award
  16. Gaa (Bangkok, Thailand) Highest New Entry Award
  17. Indian Accent (New Delhi, India) Best Restaurant in India Award
  18. Il Ristorante Luca Fantin (Tokyo, Japan)
  19. Bo.Lan (Bangkok, Thailand)
  20. Le Du (Bangkok, Thailand)
  21. Amber (Hong Kong)
  22. Nahm (Bangkok, Thailand)
  23. Sazenka (Tokyo, Japan) New Entry for 2019
  24. Le Maison de la Nature Goh (Fukuoka, Japan)
  25. Sushi Saito (Tokyo, Japan)
  26. L’Effervescence (Tokyo, Japan)
  27. Jade Dragon (Macau)
  28. Paste (Bangkok, Thailand)
  29. Fu He Hui (Shanghai, China)
  30. Raw (Taipei, Taiwan)
  31. Shoun Ryugin (Taipei, Taiwan)
  32. Jaan (Singapore)
  33. Les Amis (Singapore)
  34. Vea (Hong Kong) New Entry for 2019
  35. Ministry of Crab (Colombo, Sri Lanka) Best Restaurant in Sri Lanka Award
  36. Wing Lei Palace (Macau) New Entry for 2019
  37. Neighborhood (Hong Kong)
  38. Lung King Heen (Hong Kong)
  39. Nouri (Singapore) New Entry for 2019
  40. Waku Ghin (Singapore)
  41. Toc Toc (Seoul) New Entry for 2019
  42. Locavore (Bali, Indonesia) Best Restaurant in Indonesia Award AND Sustainable Restaurant Award
  43. Toyo Eatery (Manila, Philippines)
  44. Seventh Son (Hong Kong) New Entry for 2019
  45. Quintessence (Tokyo, Japan)
  46. Dewakan (Selangor, Malaysia) Best Restaurant in Malaysia Award
  47. Sugalabo (Tokyo, Japan) New Entry for 2019
  48. Sorn (Bangkok, Thailand) New Entry for 2019
  49. Corner House (Singapore)
  50. Ta Vie (Hong Kong)