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By Yannie Chan | August 13th, 2020

On Monday (Aug 10), Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai, owner of the popular local newspaper Apple Daily, was arrested for violating the national security law. Lai was among a group of ten people arrested by police for allegedly colluding with foreign forces.

The arrest and ensuing police raid at Apple Daily’s headquarters was seen by many in the industry as a crackdown on press freedom, since the Chinese-language newspaper is known for being openly critical of Beijing and the HKSAR government. 

As a result, Hongkongers began to unconventionally rally behind the local news organization, from stock market investors who bought Apple Daily shares to newspaper buyers who queued up in the early morning hours.

The events also inspired artists and illustrators to create art in response. Check out some of the most widely shared artworks in support of Apple Daily here: 

Hong Kong illustrator tsesaipei


“Date of Expiration”

Hong Kong illustrator Pen So


“Protect press freedom”

Hong Kong illustrator cheeky cheeky


“An Apple A Day”

Hong Kong and Taiwan comic duo Jiejie & Uncle


“If Apple Daily publishes only a blank paper tomorrow, it still speaks the truth.” 

Chinese Australian artist Badiucao