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By Shimron Singh | March 9th, 2023

Food is art. That’s what VEDA’s 9-Course art dining experience accomplishes.

VEDA has launched an art dining experience to celebrate art month the right way, collaborating with Indian artist Riya Chandiramani. In case you didn’t know, VEDA is Hong Kong’s cutting-edge contemporary Indian restaurant. As part of the experience, Riya has created 50 limited-edition works of art signed by herself and Chef Raul Tronco for every guest to take home. 

Chandiramani’s work reflects the myriad cultural influences and experiences that have shaped her identity, such as East meets West, traditional meets modern, and spiritual meets material. Chef Raul has curated a menu inspired by Riya’s journey and artistic style, both of which draw a strong connection to Indian cuisine. 

The menu is designed in steps that will take guests on a step-by-step culinary journey. You start with a vibrant nectar called Kanji to prime the digestive system for the flavor journey. The Avo Dahi Puri symbolizes Mother Earth’s bounty with a creamy blend of avocado, smashed beans masala, and sweet yogurt explosion, unifying all the flavors in one bite. The Jackfruit Tikka Masala Taco is bursting with bold spices and wrapped in a blue corn tortilla. Closing out the menu is the Game Changer, a refreshing lemon and lycee sorbet designed to cleanse the palette.

VEDA’s Art.Full Menu
VEDA – Entrance

Executive Chef Raul says, To me, this collaboration is exactly what VEDA is about – a modern, innovative take on Indian cuisine.  After I met Riya, I was inspired to create a menu which resonated with her childhood memories and deep connection to Indian food and vegetarian food. The menu will take guests on a balanced culinary journey across vibrant flavours and presentations inspired by Riya’s lively artwork.” 

Chandiramani says, “Without revealing too much, this artwork is a rare self-portrait where I reveal myself as a mother goddess channeling the abundance and energy that Earth provides, taking inspiration from ingredients and dishes on the menu. We are both artists in our own field, and I think guests will really see both our passions shine in this menu.” 

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When? 13 – 26 March 2023

Where? VEDA, 2 Arbuthnot Road, Central