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By Shimron Singh | March 14th, 2023

Food gives us pleasure, much like fine art so why not combine both? Join Castellana as they present Piedmontese cuisine in a creative way.

Recently launched Castellana at Central’s Club Lusitano Building has garnered a loyal following, thanks to the contemporary take on traditional Piedmontese cuisine by talented Chef Romeo Morelli. Celebrating the vibrancy of art-inspired happenings during March, Morelli curated a limited-time 5-course Art-Week menu to pamper the palate of discerning art lovers and tourists in town. 

Chef Romeo Morelli
Art Basel Menu at Castellana

The Art Basel menu begins with a sublime prawn tartare in a cold bisque. Italian river prawn is served in two ways, allowing diners to enjoy the pure flavors. The homemade bisque is made from the essence of the shrimp head for a holistic taste. The velvety and soulful roasted Italian Mantovana pumpkin soup is a delightful blend of roasted pumpkin, vegetable, and chicken broth, with a hint of thyme. A feast for the eyes, the soup is served from a teapot and adorned with seeds and sprouts to present a lingering sweet and refreshing note.

Pensa ad un Gambero
Caldo-morbido di topinambour e tartufo nero

The Tajarin pasta with Japanese sea urchin and hazelnut is a showstopper as it showcases a delicate balance of sweet and savory. To finish, Castellana’s signature Piedmontese Kiss dessert is inspired by “Bacio di dama”, a traditional Piedmontese dessert meaning “lady’s kiss” in Italian. Stop by after a long day of art viewing and indulge in a carefully curated art-inspired menu.

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Where? UG/F & 1/F, Club Lusitano Building, 16 Ice House Street, Central

When? 20 – 26 March 2023

Price? HK$1,380 per person (plus 10% service charge)