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By Shimron Singh | March 7th, 2023

With familiar faces & events returning back to Hong Kong, we’ve curated a guide to Art Basel Hong Kong for 2023.

The infamous Art Basel returns to our beloved city at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 23 – 25 March 2023. With over 177 galleries from 32 countries, the show will take over a two-floor space to welcome residents and visitors from all around the world. Here are some of the galleries you need to be looking out for so that you don’t get the case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Galleries at Art Basel

Retro Africa

guide to art basel hong kong
Retro Africa Booth

Contemporary art gallery Retro Africa is debuting in Art Basel Hong Kong for the first time! Nigerian Visual Artist Victor Ehihkamenor will showcase new works from his Rosary and Perforation series, alongside a third edition of his bronze sculpture Pregnant World. He seeks to challenge the way westerners look at African art by drawing inspiration from traditional native references and materials. This will be the only black-owned African gallery at the fair so do not miss out.

Visit Retro Africa for more.

Hanart TZ Gallery

guide to art basel hong kong
The Twenty-Four Solar Terms: Severe Cold by Cao, Xiaoyang

Hanart TZ Gallery is bringing together contemporary artists that shed light on modern and contemporary art history. Dashi Namdakov’s sculpture works will be one of the highlights in the booth this year. Dashi draws inspiration from the ancient mythical culture and art styles of the Eurasian steppes and Shamanic mythology. The gallery will also be featuring young and emerging talent from China.

Visit Hanart TZ Gallery for more.

David Kordansky Gallery

guide to art basel hong kong
AWAY/WALL, 2022 by Adam Pendleton

David Kordansky Gallery presents a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Adam Pendleton at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023. Pendleton’s Mylar works blur the lines between the myriad of paintings, drawings, and photography. His works delve into the ever-evolving inquiry into the relationship between Blackness, abstraction, and the avant-garde. Art Basel gives you the opportunity to bask in the presence of art that critically examines text & visual culture.

Visit David Kordansky Gallery for more.

Mizuma Art Gallery

guide to art basel hong kong
Circulation by Okamoto Ellie

Mizuma Art Gallery is devoted to discovering and nurturing significant artists from Japan and all of Asia. They are proud to present artists that have connected to them via the vestige of the the past through expression of heritage and tradition. One of their prized artist, Okamoto Ellie, takes inspiration from Japanese noh theatre and folkloric studies. In Circulation, she assimilates the unique ambiance of each place, tradition, and mythology on her canvas.

Visit Mizuma Art Gallery for more.

Take Ninagawa

guide to art basel hong kong
UK 22-9, 2022 by Shinro Ohtake

Take Ninagawa is presenting a group presentation of gallery artists Kazuko Miyamoto, Shinro Ohtake, and Tsuruko Yamazaki. The presentation will reveal the congruencies among four artists representing different generations and historical contexts.

Visit Take Ninagawa for more.

Nova Contemporary

guide to art basel hong kong
Scale of Injustice by Kawita Vatanajyankur

Nova Contemporary is pleased to announce a solo presentation of works by Kawita Vatanajyankur at the Discoveries sector of Art Basel Hong Kong 2023. Presenting a room of incendiary red, Kawita reconfigures her studio in the booth space, creating a combinational agricultural field and experimental laboratory. The artist situates visitors in an alternative bionic reality, investigating the exploitations of the modern agriculture industry.

Visit Nova Contemporary for more.

Gallery Vacancy

Guide to Art Basel Hong Kong
Trou de Loup, 2023 by Sydney Shen

Gallery Vacancy is pleased to present Sydney Shen’s solo project First Chair at the Discoveries sector of Art Basel Hong Kong. The project plays on the notion of the positioning within an orchestra and the early milestones of when an individual is civilized and disciplined to adopt social rules. This piece is a conversation striker and challenges the social norms of modern society.

Visit Vacancy for more.

Kotaro Nukaga

A day just like yesterday by Tomona Matsukawa

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce a dual presentation of works by female Japanese artists Mako Idemitsu and Tomona Matsukawa for Art Basel Hong Kong 2023. Idemitsu has been creating experimental video works since the 1970s, and Matsukawa has become well-known for her realistic paintings that depict closeups of scenes from daily life. The works by these two female artists represent their differing approaches to self-expression across eras and raise questions regarding the status quo of the relationship between women and society.

Visit Kotaro Nukaga for more.