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By Yannie Chan | February 21st, 2016

How well do you know your Hong Kong-style emoji phrases? Take the quiz to find out, or use this key to see how well you did…

1.  👸😷

Answer: “Princess syndrome” (公主病): used to describe materialistic, self-centered Hong Kong women who make impossible demands and are unable to take care of themselves.

2. 🚬

Answer: Used to convey a sense of hopelessness or disillusionment

3. 🏃🐎👀🌸

Answer: “Ride on horseback and look at flowers” (走馬看花): A Chinese idiom meaning to have only a superficial understanding of something.

4. 🏃🐕

Answer: “Running dog” (走狗): A phrase describing someone who obeys orders without questioning, especially when it comes to politicians.

5. 😂😂😂➡✈️

Answer: “I’m so happy I’m flying” (開心到飛起): A Cantonese phrase for when you’re REALLY, REALLY happy.

6. ☝💍

Answer: “Sheung Wan” (上環): In Chinese, Sheung Wan literally means “upper ring.”

7. 👶🐥

Answer: “Primary chicken” (小學🐔): A slightly derogative Cantonese phrase to describe someone who is as naive and inexperienced as young kids