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By Kate Springer | April 1st, 2016

For better or worse, the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is back again this year. Think you’re a Sevens all-star? Take the quiz to find out, and then see how many of these answers did you get right.

1. Which two companies were the first to sponsor the tournament?
Answer: Rothmans’ Tobacco Company & Cathay Pacific

2. What year was the first-ever Rugby Sevens?
Answer: March 28, 1976

3. Which of these teams did NOT play in the first tournament?
Answer: China

4. How much did tickets cost to the first Rugby Sevens?
Answer: $0

5. Which team has won the most Hong Kong Rugby Sevens titles?
Answer: Fiji

6. How many cups has the Hong Kong team won at the Rugby Sevens?
Answer: 0

7. When did the first women’s International Rugby Union Sevens take place?
Answer: 1997

8. What is the Leslie Williams Award for?
Answer: Best and Fairest Player

9. What is the Hong Kong Sevens Cup actually named?
Answer: The Gerry Forsgate Quaich

10. How many years has the Rugby Sevens been running in Hong Kong?
Answer: 41