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30 Under 30
By Andrea Lo | December 24th, 2017

The Loop HK 30 Under 30 2017

Architect, Make Architects; assistant professor, HKU  

Anahita Chouhan is versatile: From a 110-meter mixed-use tower on Lun Fat Street in Wan Chai to luxury private villas in Zhuhai, China, the architect has designed two very different projects so far. The tower, in particular, was a project for which she was almost entirely responsible — “from the façade and the interiors right down to the color of the cushions. It has been the most incredible experience to have at such an early stage of my career.”

The half-Persian, half-Indian, UK-raised creative mind first visited Hong Kong in 2012, during a study trip while pursuing a master’s degree in London. Two years later, she decided to make a move to the city.

“I feel that I can bring to Hong Kong an element of positivity and rigour when it comes to architecture.”

Besides her work at Make Architects, Chouhan is also an assistant professor at the masters architecture program at HKU. “Teaching is incredibly inspiring,” Chouhan says. “The ideas and energy brought every week by students, despite long hours, leaves me feeling refreshed and energized.”

She’ll soon start working on a private home in Indonesia as a personal project, and in the meantime, she also contributes to design magazine Perspective.

So what is it that attracts Chouhan to working in a city like Hong Kong? “I feel that I can bring to Hong Kong an element of positivity and rigour when it comes to architecture. I really enjoy my profession, especially in Hong Kong where the density creates a unique urban environment.”

“Designing better spaces in this city, with its dynamic complexities is my end goal.”

Her first job? “Working the till at [UK charity shop] Oxfam when I was 15 after school and on Saturdays. I loved it there and sometimes, my manager would allow me to take an item that wasn’t suitable for sale for free!”

Biggest motivation? “The future, and motivation to create better places and spaces for the next generation.”