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By Shimron Singh | August 21st, 2023

A Little Background on Amy Tsien

Amy Tsien is the founder and CEO of Eve Bliss, a functional wellness brand launched in August 2022. With her extensive experience in the retail industry, Amy noticed the need for accessible and approachable well-being solutions. She aims to shatter the stigma surrounding wellness and believes it should be for everyone. Amy leads her team in developing fun and functional products for urbanites and seeks partnerships with mental health organizations to raise awareness. She also hosts community events and panels, incorporating mindfulness and healthy offerings. Eve Bliss recently soft-launched in Singapore and became a regional partner of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in Hong Kong and Singapore. Amy’s mission is to promote kindness, understanding, and the importance of holistic well-being.

For people who don’t know, what is functional wellness?

“In short, “Functional Wellness” refers to a holistic approach to health and wellness. It focuses on optimizing one’s physical and mental well-being.

Eve Bliss started with Eve Recovery Soda. What sparked the idea to create this product?

“In our bustling urban lifestyles, everyone is always “recovering” from an event: work, exercise, social gatherings, while getting ready for the next task. The cycle just seems never-ending. More often than not, we neglect the need to pause or leave time to replenish ourselves physically and mentally because whatever is next always seems either more urgent or more exciting.

I designed Eve Bliss’ very first product – Eve Recovery Soda – with the intention to entice people to take a quick break while rejuvenating with our products’ nourishing and nootropic nutrients. Similar to a morning coffee ritual, Eve Recovery Soda offers that break without the guilt of having too much caffeine in your system. I thought to myself at the time that this product had to be something that anyone could consume anytime, anywhere, and it had to be packaged in a minimalist and futuristic design so that it would be an enticing grab.”

You have recently launched Eve Spritz, your first alcoholic canned cocktail. Tell us about it and why you moved into the booze space

“People usually disassociate well-being with booze, but I wanted to disrupt this notion. In bustling cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, people are still learning to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. Our mission is to provide approachable daily solutions to help people care for their minds and bodies. After the successful launch of our Eve Recovery Soda, I felt inspired to do more. That’s when EVE SPRITZ came to life—a product crafted to shatter the stigma that being healthy is boring and a distant concept. Eve Bliss’ mission is to make self-care easier on a daily basis for everyone and not exclude anyone or any lifestyle. We are committed to bringing wellness to urbanites’ work-hard, play-hard lifestyles with enticing, approachable, and culturally relevant solutions, including “booze with benefits.”

As a female entrepreneur in Hong Kong, have you found it challenging?

“I think being an entrepreneur itself is already challenging. You have the feeling that you are always catching up with time. Being a female entrepreneur in our current society requires even more perseverance and courage. In Hong Kong, men are still expected to be those who focus more on their careers, while women are expected to prioritize childbearing, household matters, or otherwise, staying superficially attractive. 

Defying the notion that we need to give up our career dreams and missions and keep working hard day in and day out without compromising societal expectations and family goals is definitely a challenge. Nevertheless, it’s worth it. Showing other women out there that it is possible to sustain both is a massive part of my motivation. This is why I genuinely enjoy sharing my journey with others, not only females but especially females. I hope that my journey and the different lessons I have learned during it will inspire others.”

Aside from your product offerings, Eve Bliss also runs community events. Why is addressing “the three pillars” – physical, mental, and social health, important to you?

“We all have different core values and priorities. Some may say that their main priority in life is family; others may say that theirs is career, money, or passion. Whatever our priorities are, we need good health to be able to optimize the quality of time and effort we spend on what we really care for. Health is an uncompromisable factor in our lives, and it is the foundation of all that we do. 

Health is composed of three crucial intertwining parts: Our physical, mental, and social well-being. And many of us often neglect and forget about the latter two. They are not just hot topics but what makes us feel and what connects humans. Healthy bodies, minds, and social systems form direct impacts on relationships, families, companies, and societies. This is why at Eve Bliss, we are constantly creating different innovative products, partnerships, and events to trigger curiosity and raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our holistic well-being.”

Tell us about your link with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

“We are Hidden Disabilities Sunflower (The Sunflower)’s first official regional partner in Hong Kong and Singapore. It is an organization that helps train companies to better support their staff and clients with invisible conditions (including mental and neurological health conditions). When building Eve Bliss, one of my goals was to encourage empathy, sharing, and understanding of mental health topics; and raise awareness of the different mental and neurological organizations and offerings available. The ultimate goal is to promote a more accepting, curious, and kind culture to people with different challenging conditions and situations and disrupt any judgmental or insensitive attitudes.”

What does the next 12 months for Eve Bliss look like? What does success look like for you?

“We will be expanding our product portfolio and offerings to help address different urban lifestyle needs. And we will be launching our very first annual mental health festival.

I genuinely hope that Eve Bliss will continually grow and develop as a business so that we can build more impact on APAC’s overall well-being. Everyone has a different definition and approach to success. Success to me is fulfilling people’s actual needs rather than “creating needs”. I genuinely hope that we can keep bringing positive impact through everything that we do at Eve Bliss.”

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