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By Gayatri Bhaumik | May 19th, 2021

Activewear has very much become a thing. Whether you’re dedicated to your workouts or just love the aesthetics (and comfort!) of sporting easy-to-wear atheleisure, sporty clothes have been popping up everywhere outside the gyms and yoga studios of Hong Kong. So whether you’re looking for new threads to wear to your sweat sessions or beefing up your weekend wardrobe, here are some great places to find activewear in Hong Kong.

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Sustainability has become a buzzword in activewear in recent years, but new Hong Kong company ro/an is taking things to the next level. The company offsets carbon emissions for a full year, works with small-scale production, pays living wages and offers a safe work environment (and does not employ children), uses fabrics incorporating recycled plastic bottles and pre-consumer nylon—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Did we mention their collection of leggings, shorts, and bras are also simple, elegant, and super-soft?

HAKA Active

Photo: Haka Active

Launched in 2018, HAKA Active is founded by a Hongkonger deeply inspired by her time spent in Christchurch, New Zealand. Super body-hugging and comfortable, her designs are heavily influenced by the nature world. HAKA Active offers a wide range of products including bras, tank tops, leggings, sweatshirts, and towel.

Online at

Sparks Active

Looking for activewear in hong Kong that has a social conscience? This is it. Inspired by the idea of activewear meeting everyday fashion, Sparks Active is a new activewear brand that blends timeless style, comfort-driven materials, and a community mindset. The Myanmar-born brand donates 5% of the net profits of every purchase is donated to a charity of the customers’ choice – the options are Clean Yangon, Changing Stories, and RUN, a charity providing healing yoga and hiking sessions for refugees in Hong Kong. As well as offering stylish, high-quality activewear, all of Sparks Active brand is affordable, making it a rare unicorn in the world of athleisure.

activewear in hong kong
Photo: Rising Lotus / Facebook

Rising Lotus

With an ethos of “to look good, you have to feel good,” Rising Lotus is a Hong Kong brand creating eye-catching activewear. Designed for movement with superior fabrics and materials, you’ll find yourself wearing these threads to more than just your morning yoga class. The Essential collection has all your necessary basics, while the Bohemian collection are for those that want to show a little personality – we love the Warrior leggings and sports bra. There’s also an intimates and swimwear collection for the other parts of your life.

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Where to buy activewear in Hong Kong

My Fitnature

Founded by a fitness coach from Hong Kong during the pandemic, My Fitnature offers bras, tops, leggings, and shorts for women. All designs are developed by the founder, whose goal is to encourage all women to be confident and feel good in their own bodies, no matter the size. Her products are created by top-quality materials with a flattering fit.

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Zyphr’s founder Jason is a Hongkonger and sports lover. After having worked for Reebok in Boston, he was inspired to launch a high-performance sportswear brand in Hong Kong. Zyphr specializes in technical innovation and high-performance fabrics.

Photo: Zypher

The brand is supported by professional athletes including UFC fighter Sasha Palatnikov, former Manchester United Academy Player Charlie Scott, and Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Player Russell Webb.

Online at

Good Days Activewear

Photo: Good Days Activewear / Facebook

A new Hong Kong-based sustainable and ethical activewear brand for women, Good Days Activewear was launched during the pandemic with a premium 30-piece collection. All the pieces use fabrics created from recycled waste including plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets. Founder Libby Perry started working on the brand when she came across her manufacturing partners in Bali, Indonesia, who aligned with her values on ethics and sustainability.

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This innovative company produces gorgeous activewear that not only looks good — it has health benefits, too. Their patented European Nanotech fabric is lightweight and breathable, and their leggings have a host of benefits. They sculpt your rear, drain excess water  and increase blood circulation, and even smooth away that pesky cellulite. Users even report decreases in fat component and hip circumference. The best part? The Zarie line also includes some very wearable skirts and drape pants with the trademark leggings built in, so you can enjoy the benefits while continuing to go about your day looking fab.

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This Canadian brand hardly needs introduction. They’ve made name for themselves by creating gorgeous activewear that you can wear straight from yoga to brunch (the brand has a special affinity to yoga). The best part? They have great collections for both men and women. Check out the bold prints in the new collection – for a full look, pair the Free to Be Serena Bra High Neck with the Wunder Under Tight High Rise leggings. For extra hygge feels, try the Fall in Place Short Sleeve tee with the comfy On The Fly Wide Leg Pant. Lululemon is expanding quickly in Hong Kong, so you’ll be able to find them in lots of places.

IFC (Central), Pacific Place (Admiralty), Hysan Place (Causeway Bay), Festival Walk (Kowloon Tong), and online at

Where to buy activewear in Hong Kong

Pure Apparel

It makes sense that one of Hong Kong’s biggest gym and yoga brands would also have its own collection of pretty, functional activewear. The pieces are designed more for light workouts (think yoga or pilates) but some of the more structured pieces will see you through a heavier sweat session, too. Inspired by peace and light, the Spring/Summer 2019 collection focuses on pastel pink and blue hues. Keep an eye out for the Genie tank.

Various locations, and online at

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Photo: A Day with Fé / Facebook

A Day with Fé

A mindful take on activewear, this born-in-Hong Kong brand believes in empowering women through their highly wearable activewear and mantras designed to remind you that what you want is within your reach. The athleisure items are great, but they’ve also got cute tops, pants and dresses to throw over your workout gear in case you want to look a little more put together after your gym session.

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Photo: Miss Runner / Facebook

Miss Runner

This Hong Kong startup focuses on creating dramatic, eye-catching gear ideally suited to runners (though they have plenty of pieces for other active pursuits, too). Their tagline is “wearable art meets functional sportswear,” and that’s exactly what you’ll get here. Founder Tania Cheung often works with local artists to create artistic athleisure that also offer moisture-wicking, four-way stretch, and compression functionality.

Online at

activewear in hong kong
Photo: Liquido Active / Facebook

Liquido Active

Offering everything from yoga gear to beach apparel and lounge wear, this brand offers a little something for everyone – and some bold graphic prints into the bargain. Keep an eye out for the statement tanks that’ll fuel your workouts with their go-get-’em slogans. You’ll also love the free shipping and 30-day return policy.

Online at

RUMI X activewear
Photo: RUMI X / Facebook


If you’re a wellness guru with an eco warrior edge, you’ll want to get on board with RUMI X quick smart. This eco-friendly label produces leggings made from 100% recycled bottles and tops from discarded coffee grinds, all with water-based ink dyes. They’ve even got a maternity section so mums-to-be can stay stylish and active. How’s that for does-it-all activewear in Hong Kong?

Online at

Oysho activewear
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Part of the Spanish fashion empire that also owns Zara and Massimo Dutti, Oysho’s activewear is sleek, stylish and oh-so-cozy. The brand has different collections of clothing developed specifically for different workouts, so whether you work up a sweat with yoga, boxing, trekking, or at the gym, you’ll find something to fit your needs — including trainers.

Festival Walk (Kowloon Tong), Times Square (Causeway Bay), and online at

Cotton On

When it comes to affordable activewear that also ticks the boxes for style and functionality, you’d be hard-pressed to look past this Australian brand. You’ll find all manner of tops, leggings, shorts and sports bras here, all in a range of wearable designs. They’re all available at a great price, but when you find them on a 2-for-$180 offer (as you often will) they’re practically a steal.

Various locations and online at

[Updated May 2021]

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