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City As Studio – The First Major Exhibition of Graffiti & Street Art
City Living News

City As Studio – The First Major Exhibition of Graffiti & Street Art

By Shimron Singh| January 26th, 2023

K11 MUSEA presents City As Studio, curated by Jeffrey Deitch. This will be Hong Kong's first major exhibition of graffiti and street art, exploring the breadth & depth of the scene across generations & geographies. t will feature works by genre pioneers including Jean-Michel Basquiat, CRASH, Fab 5 Freddy, OSGEMEOS, Keith Haring, Lady Pink, and Lee Quiñones. From the parking lots of 1970s New York to its rise as a worldwide phenomenon, City of Studio traces the global history of graffiti and street art. Pivotal artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat & FUTURA have paved the way for modern-day artists such as KAWS & AIKO. The exhibition will feature Basquiat's Valentine (1984) on loan from collectors, alongside Untitled (1983) by Keith Haring & El Diablo (1985) by FUTURA. Do not miss this one-of-a-kind art exhibit that will be..