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By Adele Wong | February 14th, 2016

You can spot a Hong Kong hipster from a mile away — but do you know where they gather for their impossibly cool meals? Here are nine clues you’re running amongst the pack.

1. There’s an imposing camouflaged/gray slab (aka door) that you must conquer by code, hidden button or secret handshake before you’re allowed in.

secret handshake
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2. You spot a tatted-up chef… or three, within 10 seconds of entering.

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3. The waitstaff are actually friendly — and you understand why, when you get the check and notice the service charge is not included.

Photo: quickmeme.com
Photo: quickmeme.com

4. The menu is all sharing platters/tapas/snacks — which basically means you’re paying a whole lot of dough for a tiny bite of food.

all done
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5. It might be the walls, the ceiling, or the floor: but look carefully, and you will find artfully brushed concrete somewhere.

Via Giphy
GIF via Giphy.com

6. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, shellfish-free, fat-free, flavor-free options are all available.


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7.  The music stands out, one way or another.

what was that
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8. You spot a minimum of three “street art” murals on the walls. 

grafitti cat
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9. Oh, and the cocktails are $150 a pop. But don’t worry – they’re all handcrafted and served with smoke/foam/caviar/gemstones.

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