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By Kate Springer | October 31st, 2015

Traveling around the region is one of the biggest perks of living in Hong Kong. Within two hours you can be immersed in a completely new culture, meeting new people and gorging on new food. But of course, traveling in Asia has its headaches too…

1. You are accidentally caught in someone else’s selfie every two minutes.

Khloe Kardashian Selfie Koala giphy
Oh hey! Gif via

2. Every airplane announcement takes 10 minutes because they have to repeat it in three languages. You’re trying to watch a movie and it’s like…

Charlie Day Gify Impatient
ANOTHER announcement? You’re killing me. Gif via giphy.comy

3. And unless you know like 15 languages, you’re always going to be confused everywhere you go.

Meme - I dont always try to speak thai
Props for trying, man

4. You don’t want to be culturally insensitive so you always accept offerings of food/booze. By the end of the night you’re like…

Panda Falling Gif
Hey guys, next one’s on — uh oh. Gif via

5. When you mention that you’re traveling alone, everyone’s like…

Hunger Games gif - Be Careful
Watch yo’ back, bro. People are vicious. Gif via

6. You rarely ever have to set foot inside a restaurant because the street food is so good.

Gif - I like food more than I like people
I know, right? Gif via

7. Speaking of food… you pack your suitcase full of Thai/Filipino/Korean/Japanese snacks and you can’t fit anything else.

Meme _- Success Kid - Luggage wouldnt zip until I sat on it
Those 12 bags of rice crackers? Absolutely necessary.

8. You used to use your parents’ travel agent until you learned about Cathay fanfares. Now you can’t wait for Tuesday mornings at 8am.

This is the Internet - It Crowd Gif
It unlocks the keys to the universe. Gif via

9. Ahhhh, finally home. But why does NO ONE understand how to use the HKID e-channels?

Meme - Rest Thy Thumb - Travel
Seriously, though. It’s not rocket science.