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By Kate Springer | December 22nd, 2015

The holidays are fast approaching, and you’ll have to hurry up if you stand a chance at getting these travel gadgets, bags and accessories under the tree.

For tech troubles…

Minimalist design brand Native Union makes sleek and smart products for the modern jet setter. If you’ve got a friend whose phone is always running out of juice, the Key Cable key chain ($250) acts like a USB power outlet so you can get them back online in no time.

Native Union KEY Cable

For Instagram addicts…

The coolest new gadget for shutterbugs is actually offline: the Polaroid Snap ($767) combines those nostalgic insta-print photos with a minimalist design that’ll fit right into your purse or pocket. Print color photos right away, or save them online for later.

PolaroidSnap Travel Gifts

For beach trips…

There’s no reason to splurge on sunglasses, when chances are you’re just going to lose them in the ocean anyway. You can find fashionable but affordable shades from Sunnies Studios, available online at Zalora. These Amber Dovie sunglasses cost $149.

Zalora Sunnies - Amber Dovie

For ski trips…

Outerwear brand Patagonia knows a thing or two about sporty getaways. The brand’s winter gear is starting to look a bit more fashionable too, like this furry Los Gatos fleece vest ($1,090).

Patagonia Los Gatos Hooded Fleece Vest

For shitty circulation…

You don’t have to be a million years old to suffer from terrible circulation when you fly. If you’ve heard a friend complain about swollen feet and cramped calves, then do them a favor and buy some practical 2XU compression socks which should help keep that blood pumping — even on long hauls.

2XU Compression Socks

For frequent travelers…

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed roll-on that’s made in Hong Kong, then check out Zixag’s AirBag ($1,800). Designed by locally based Michael Young, the super lightweight and repellent luggage comes in two colors — chic charcoal and clean cream.


Zixag -AirBag Carryon Travel

For long hauls…

What’s better than a comfy neck pillow for your next hop across the pond? A pillow that looks like a stuffed animal, tucks easily into your carry-on and transforms when you need it. Check out G.O.D. for an adorable convertible pillow ($280).

GOD Travel Pillow

For someone you REALLY love…

Earlier this year TUMI released its 40th anniversary collection to celebrate the brand’s 75th birthday. You’ll have to shell out for one of the handsome duffles ($4,147), cross-body bags ($2,287) or travel kits ($1,356) but the camel-colored leather and classic design are probably (maybe?) worth it.

TUMI's Original 1975 Collection8_Fotor

For a fashion-forward flyer…

Squarestreet doesn’t just make awesome shoes and watches, the local boutique in Tai Ping Shan also produces gorgeous travel gear that’ll have you swooning. Made with lamb leather and cotton canvas, the SQ36 Carry-On($2,209) includes smart compartments like a separate bottom pouch for wet or dirty clothes.

SQ36 Carry On Squarestreet - Travel Gear

For short hops…

Local Hong Kong brand Louella Odié hand-prints purses, scarves and wallets with whimsical patterns and a sense of humor, like the Elephant Selfie leather pouch ($1,511). In lots of different patterns, the pouches are perfect for keeping your cash, cards and passport organized.

Louella Odie - Elephant Selfie Leather Pouch



For terrible jetlag…

To smooth the recovery period after long trips, Hong Kong-based clarity/smart energy produces energy drinks ($499 for 12 bottles) that are actually aimed at busybodies, to increase focus and performance. However they double as jet-lag aids since they’re packed with vitamins, caffeine (to get you on the right time zone) and are free of sugar.

Clarity Smart Energy
Photo: Moses Ng/ illume visuals

Just for fun…

The Ostrich pillow ($) looks a little creepy but it’s hard not to be a little curious. Find ’em on Amazon ($216) and tell us what you think.

Woaw Store - Ostrich Pillow