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By Shimron Singh | January 27th, 2023

We know it’s a little bit early for us to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Can you blame us though? Beneath the hustle & bustle of the city lies a sea of bountiful & romantic settings for couples to see. You just got to look for it. Get ready to get your partner’s heart racing with these 8 romantic places to visit for Valentine’s Day!

The Peak Garden

Photo: Wpcpey

As we said, beneath the chaos lies a beautiful setting and the Victoria Peak Garden is one of them. The open space is surrounded by mountainous green land, pagodas, curving paths & benches. It’s reminiscent of the English countryside especially with the Victorian features all around. This spot is perfect for a romantic picnic overlooking the hypnotic skyline.

Cape D’Aguilar

Photo: Jsinglador

If you and your partner don’t mind a bit of a hike, then head over to Cape D’Aguilar. The lighthouse is one of the earliest colonial structures built here so take in a piece of history after your hike. Plus the magnificent views are so Instagrammable.

Peng Chau

Photo: Houses Cheung

With over 250 islands in Hong Kong, Peng Chau certainly makes for a romantic getaway. Discover the vibrant and eclectic art that the island has to offer with traditional Chinese structures around you. The narrow streets lead from one adventure to another. Explore the leather factory that’s turned into an art garden and take pictures in the colorful garden with graffiti & street art. Please make sure to eat fresh & local seafood, they’re to die for!

Nan Lian Garden

8 Romantic Places to Visit For Valentine's Day
Photo: Rajiv Bajaj

This is one of those places that just can’t get enough of. Nan Lian garden is neatly tucked away in Diamond Hill and the best part of it is that it’s all free. Take a stroll down the garden and buy some souvenirs for your partner to enjoy this memorable date. You definitely have no excuse to not do anything for Valentine’s Day.

Hong Kong Disneyland

8 Romantic Places to Visit For Valentine's Day
Photo: Jacob Dyer

Okay, we didn’t want to put in such an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day but we couldn’t resist! Hong Kong Disneyland is unmatched for a romantic day out because it’s just so darn beautiful. The park transforms into a lover’s paradise with bountiful red hearts all across. Make sure to book ahead to avoid any disappointment.

Wan Chai Harbourfront

8 Romantic Places to Visit For Valentine's Day
Photo: Harbourfront Commission

The Wan Chai Harbourfront & HarbourChill has transformed into a lover’s fest with art & light installations all across. For 2023, they’ve got a humungous LED drum that lights up with various eye-catching heart emojis. The other side of the drum features an interactive device where two people can touch the “love heartbeat sensor” button to light up a pink heart to express their love. This is certainly one of the 8 romantic places to visit for Valentine’s Day.

Bun’s 2020

8 Romantic Places to Visit For Valentine's Day
Photo: Bun’s 2020

How about something completely different for Valentine’s Day this time? We’re talking about a jam-packed, smiles-all-around type of day at Bun’s 2020 — Indoor Roller Skating rink. You’re bound to impress your date with this activity!

West Kowloon Art Park

8 Romantic Places to Visit For Valentine's Day
Photo: West Kowloon Cultural District

Take a stroll across the West Kowloon Art Park with your loved one. The magnificent views of the Victoria Harbourfront are enough to make this a prime romantic spot for Valentine’s Day. You can also rent a bike to ride around the district and stop off at one of the many restaurants for some grub. There are also plenty of food trucks offering a great selection of eateries from Pineapple Canteen to SawadeeCar!

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