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By Ashley Soo | July 25th, 2022

There’s no doubt that the local music scene is graduating from being dominated by love ballads to a new era of celebrating diversity and different musical talents. We thought it would be a great chance to introduce our readers to some of our favorite indie artists just before the city welcomes its first hip-hop music awards, Whatsgood Music Awards on August 6. 

Matt Force

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Matt Force is one of Hong Kong’s most talented rappers. Instantly recognizable with his simple yet impactful beats and a low, calming vocal, the Wildstyle Records artist first introduced himself to the scene in 2018 with a self-titled and self-produced album, with death as a recurring theme that links together the 11 tracks. Without high-flown language or clout-chasing tendencies, the artist has slowly gained a loyal following and has become one of the most popular rappers today. 

Novel Fergus

In 2019, Novel Fergus almost immediately went viral after dropping his first track on YouTube. The rest is history. Inspired by boom-bap and trap music, the tattoo artist/rapper infused local elements, for instance, Hong Kong hood culture, into his music that usually celebrates the fraternal loyalty that was also promoted in wuxia literature. The Yack Studio member has recently been introduced to the mainstream music scene via a collaboration with Jason Chan

Kiri T

Kiri T won’t be an unfamiliar name to cantopop fans. Starting her career at the age of 18, the artist has written and produced music for some big names, including Denise Ho and Joey Yung, as a teen. In 2018, she debuted with her first album Golden Kiri and rose to city-wide fame with her 2021 album CHILI T

Anna HisbbuR

You might already have listened to some of her hit tracks like Umm and I Wish I Can Be Rich on your playlist. Anna hisbbuR is known for her laid-back music and has gained a cult following with a carefree personality that Hong Kong’s younger generation relates to. A true artist of many talents and faces, the producer-singer/college student is also a violist and bassist while being a fan of Kpop. 

Charming Way

Founded in 2018, Charming Way is a local band known for its alternative rock songs. Inspired by both the bandmates’ personal lives and Hong Kong history, the band’s music is not limited to love songs like Mt. Fuji but also Victoria, a look-back to Hong Kong’s golden days.


Breaking stereotypes, Fiester is a local girlband known for its electronic metal music. Not only is Fiester one of the few metal bands that feature all-female members, but it is also known for bringing vocal fry and other singing techniques less common in mainstream music into its songs for a richer sound.

The Hertz

Readers who frequent music festivals are most probably fans of The Hertz. Inspired mostly by Hong Kong culture and its cityscape, The Hertz is widely loved for its intact composition and lyrics that speak to every Hongkonger. Also a vocal supporter of other creative industries, the band is known for working with local animation production studios on its MVs to create an immersive music experience. 


Founded in 2019 after winning a Hong Kong Edinfotainment Base Of Youth competition, Whizz has then produced numerous hit tracks and made a name for themselves in Hong Kong’s indie music scene. As interest in new music continues to grow in the city, Whizz’s groovy pop style has found favor with the local audience and its fan base continues to grow after frequenting prime-time music shows. 

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