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By Shimron Singh | December 7th, 2022

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be stuck on what to serve up on the day and how to knock-the-socks-off your guests. Well, don’t panic because we’ve got 8 dish ideas for you to try from all around the world.

Classic British Roast

british roast christmas dinner
Photo: Lisa Baker

Roast dinner is all the rave in the UK for Christmas. Expect a hearty meal consisting of roast turkey (which can be switched with chicken or beef), stuffing, roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts, ‘pigs in a blanket’ – aka bacon wrapped out cocktail sausages, and Yorkshire pudding. The most important part? The gravy on top. You’ll definitely be having a food coma after this gut-busting meal.

KFC – A Japanese Christmas Dinner

Japan KFC christmas dinner
Photo: Fugu Tabetai

Yes, you heard us right – KFC. A media campaign in the 70s has now made KFC a staple Christmas dinner in Japan. They believed that gathering around the table for a golden fried chicken was an essential part of Western Christmas culture (not true). Now, it’s become a classic tradition for a Japanese Christmas. At least you don’t have to cook in the kitchen for hours!

An Icelandic Dream

Iceland christmas dinner
Photo: Monstera

‘Ptarmigan’ (a wild bird) is a popular Christmas dinner tradition in Iceland. History states that poor families typically ate ptarmigans if they were not lucky in breeding a sheep. Nowadays, it’s seen as a gourmet meal to be served up for Christmas as it’s very expensive to get a hold of. This is typically eaten alongside glazed potatoes, red cabbage, and a traditional sauce made of blackberry or blue cheese.

Lechon from the Philippines

Filipino christmas dinner
Photo: Canva

Lechon is a roast pig dish that is a heavy part of the Philippines’ Christmas tradition. Typically, the pig is stuffed with seasonings & roasted over charcoal for hours till the skin is crispy and the meat is succulent. This is typically served with various pasta dishes but beware, this Christmas meal is highly addictive!

Soulful Nigerian Christmas

Nigerian christmas Dinner
Photo: Joan Nova

If you’re looking to bring Nigeria to your kitchen, listen up. Nigerian Christmas dinners are nourishing and generous. They typically include Jollof rice (rice combined with a mixture of tomatoes, scotch bonnet, thyme, onions & curry powder), Pepper soup, fried chicken, beef stew & pounded yam. This is certified to be a ‘knock-out meal’ this holiday season.

An All-American Christmas Dinner

Photo: Nicole Michalou

An American Christmas dinner might closely resemble the classic British roast but with a few differences. The large turkey is usually stuffed and glazed with various seasonings, which makes it a perfect dish to share. Side dishes normally include stuffing, mashed potatoes, ham, green bean casserole & gravy, of course! The cherry on top? You wash it all down with a glass of Eggnog – a creamy beverage made with eggs, milk, sugar, cream, and vanilla extract.

Tropical Costa Rican Christmas

Photo: Gonzalo Guzmán García

Traditional Costa Rican Christmas dinner includes Tamales, baked pork legs, and tons of eggnog – yum! If you don’t know what tamales are, they’re a corn dough filled with pork or chicken & vegetables, wrapped around in a banana leaf and boiled. They resemble the sticky rice dumplings (Zongzi) eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. Why not give it a go?

Christmas from Down Under

Photo: Canva

Since Australia is now in its Summer season, the Christmas dinner certainly reflects that. With Seafood, ham, steak, and salad on the plate, they focus their Christmas on being outside and having some good ole’ beer with friends and family. Plus, you might just spot Santa Claus chilling on the beach, taking a break from the North Pole!

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