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By Andrea Lo | October 29th, 2015

Sometimes being single is the best thing in the world. Other times, it’s a social obstacle course with awkward interactions left and right. And no situation is more challenging than waking up the morning after with a not-so-sexy stranger. But fret no more, these foolproof exit strategies should get you outta there in a flash.

1. Start crying about how good it feels to be loved again.

I’ve been so lonelyyyy until YOU came along! Gif via

2. Get your cuddle on as soon as physically possible.

Come here, you! Gif via

3. Call your parents and friends in front of your partner and tell them you just scored.

Hey, mom! Guess what JUST happened?? via
Hey, mom! Guess what JUST happened?? Gif via

4. Put down cash on the bedside table as “taxi money.”

No, thank YOU! via
No, thank YOU! Gif via

5. Update your Facebook relationship status while you’re still in bed.

Stalk ya later! via
Stalk ya later! Gif via

6. Start crying. Again. This time about how ashamed you feel.

I juts feel so dirty! via
I just feel so dirty! Gif via

7. Walk out of there like a boss.

B be OUT. via
B be OUT. Gif via