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By Andrea Lo | November 12th, 2015

True love is just one right swipe away…

1. The Forever Friend

“Not looking for anything serious — just a friend to talk to.”

Yeah, sure, please let me be your personal psychologist.

giphy (16)

2. The Transient Type

“Passing through Hong Kong for a week and looking for a local to show me around.”

Here, how ’bout this: I’ll show you around Wan Chai and then leave you there.

giphy (17)

3. The Awkwardly Silent One

“Hey, thanks for matching with me! What cha up to tonight?”


giphy (18)

4. The ‘Marry Me’ Material

“Let’s go out for dinner some time. Maybe we can even watch your favorite show afterwards and get some cupcakes delivered. My treat. Oh, are you tired, let me massage your feet.”

Um. Marry me.

giphy (20)

5. The Mysterious Hottie

There’s no description, age, name or any sign that he/she is a real person. But you better swipe right just in case.

giphy (21)

6. The Party Animal

“Looking for no-strings-attached FUN. Let go OUT!”

My fun = a big bowl of popcorn and a move at home. What’s your fun?

giphy (22)

7. Your Ex

You swipe right just to be polite… and then end up engaging in awkward conversation about how their Tinder search is going.

giphy (23)