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By The Loop HK Staff | July 11th, 2018

No matter how far away you move, or how long you stay away, there are some sneaky Hong Kong habits that are just too damn hard to break.

1. Stealing food off of your dining companion’s plate. 

It’s tastier that way! Besides, sharing is caring. This is definitely one of those Hong Kong habits that sticks.

2. Having your face in your phone at all times. 

No time is phone-free. Not when you’re on a date, walking down the street, and definitely not while on the train (except when you’re on the London tube and can’t get a signal).

3. Never using turn signals. Ever.

Pedestrians will just magically know where you’re going. You’re sure of it.

4. Talking to service staff in nothing but one or two-word sentences.

Chatting? With a supermarket cashier? What’s that?

5. Joining queues.

How else are you supposed to know it’s the best new restaurant in town unless there’s a long queue?

6. Bringing your Tetris-style organizational skills to bigger apartments.

It’s a waste not to take full advantage of storage space! Even when there’s more than enough room for your belongings to go around. Hong Kong habits don’t come more creative than this.

7. Smattering your conversation with healthy doses of “la!”

Photo: SOLS 24/7 Blog

Eventually you’ll inexplicably infect the rest of your social group with it too. It’s just how it works.

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