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By The Loop HK Staff | September 20th, 2018

Hong Kong is unique for many reasons. And that includes having some of the most well-travelled citizens, who often take multiple trips per year. Ever wondered why? We’ll give you six reasons why residents take any chance they get to escape from Hong Kong.

1. Your lungs will thank you

It’s probably best to get away to a place where the air pollution isn’t at “high” all the time before you forget what fresh air feels like. Your health is as good a reason as any to cling to an escape from Hong Kong.

2. You need a time out

And we don’t mean the kind where you sit in a corner like a naughty child. We mean the kind of time out where you leave your phone in a drawer and read actual books instead of your tablet. Work probably has you tethered to your devices and emails – so if you really want to be on vacation, make sure they can’t get hold of you. Goodbye electronics. Sayonara internet.

3. To see fresh new faces

You’ve been running into the exact same group of acquaintances at LKF every weekend. Time for a change.

4. To celebrate!

Half of these trips are destination weddings — but they’re well worth it. You wouldn’t miss the hen and stag ‘dos, reception parties, and good feelings for the world.

5. To kick that cabin fever

Hong Kong is a small city, and sometimes you just get that urge to explore. Escape from Hong Kong? More like escaping from our shoebox apartments.

6. Because absence makes the heart grow fonder

It’s easy to forget just how great we have it here until we’ve left for a little while.

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