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By The Loop HK Staff | July 21st, 2018

You can really see all kinds on public transport in Hong Kong. So why not tear your eyes away from your phone and engage in a little people-watching on your next ride on the Hong Kong MTR? You might just spot one of these fellow train riders.

1. The hand-rail hog

There’s always that one person in every train carriage who seems to think the hand-rail is there specifically for them to lean on. And no amount of prodding them with your knuckles will get them to budge. The Hong Kong MTR experience isn’t complete without encountering one of these greedy hogs.

2. The loving, post-date couple

MTR couple

You can tell by how deeply they’re bonding over Candy Crush.

3. That one person running late

The Hong Kong MTR is fast, but don’t they realize that trying to run through a dense crowd won’t get you anywhere any faster?

4. The high-powered business person

Can’t that important phone call wait until you’re actually at the office?

5. The one who was left behind

Admit it. You’ve totally laughed at that one friend who didn’t quite make it on the train before the doors closed and stared after the rest of their friend group like this.

6. The heavy sleeper

You’ve never felt true fear until you’ve experienced a fellow commuter about to faceplant right onto your shoulder due to being too deeply asleep.

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