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By The Loop HK Staff | September 20th, 2018

Move over, junk trips. Fall is here, and rooftop bbqs and hikes are the season’s top things to do. Looking to prep for a hike? Here’s our handy guide to hiking in Hong Kong.

1. Pick your route

The most important part of planning, obviously. No light, creampuff trails for you. But neither do you want your thighs to kill you the next day. What’s this route called again? You swear you’ve never even heard of this part of Hong Kong before.

2. Get lost

Overshoot your destination by a few bus stops, or argue with your cab driver about how they should’ve definitely taken that last turn. All part of the hiking in Hong Kong experience.

3. Get in line

Get behind the crowd of other hikers, families, and family dogs all showing up for the same reason as you.

4. Crack open a cold one

Drinking while hiking is the new thing.

5. Snap, snap, snap

Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram

Pics or it didn’t happen. What’s the point of exploring nature if you don’t have plenty of sweet selfies for your Instagram feed?

6. Refuel

instant noodles
Photo: Quasimime/Flickr

After working up an appetite with all that walking, nothing hits the spot quite like a big bowl of cha chaan teng noodles at a hole in the wall at the end of the trail.

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