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By Yannie Chan | November 26th, 2021

Some of the best memories are often an experience: a day-trip, cooking together, an unforgettable trip. This holiday, gift your loved ones a special experience instead of the usual gifts. Better yet, gift them something you can experience together and make lovely memories.

Forest Bathing

What is forest bathing? Based upon the Japanese concept of “shinrin-yoku”, the practice invites participants to walk among a forest, and connect with nature. Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong is a local group that organises private tours for interested parties, with experienced guides that will help you awaken your senses and explore nature.

Singing Bowl Therapy

Photo: Bowl Zentral

The singing bowl is a therapy exercise that helps relax and rid yourself of negative energy. The most common ones are Tibetan singing bowls, used for singing bowl experiences worldwide. It’s said that singing bowls give off a vibration that flow through your body. There are even studies showing that listening to that sound will relieve stress and calm your nerves. The perfect activity to do with your busy friends!

Bowl Zentral,

Cooking Class

While there are serious cooking classes you can join, we are going to recommend easy and stress-free cooking classes that’s more about spending a good time together and forgetting reality for an hour or two. ABC Cooking Studio offers baking, bread-making and wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). Everything comes pre-weighed, the recipes are straightforward with just the right amount of challenge. There’s even a beautiful photo corner for you to take photos of your food!

ABC Cooking Studio,

Tea Tasting

Photo: Plantation by teakha

While wine and coffee tasting are fun, not everyone can take alcohol and caffeine. Tea is a great alternative for those curious in exploring different tastes and flavor profiles but are looking for something more calming and relaxing. Plantation by teakha is a quiet teahouse. Join a one-hour tea tasting with your friends and taste some delicious teas!

Plantation by teakha,

Art Jamming

Photo: Oscary Art

Have an artsy afternoon with a friend and explore your artistic sides. Once there’s a canvas and paint in front of you, something magical happens — time passes and then you’re creating an artwork! The perfect present for friends with a creative side.

Oscary Art,

Spas and Massages

Okay, who doesn’t love spas and massages? Sometimes you get more from quality resting time than an educational workshop. It’s also a beautiful gift as many people do not allow themselves to rest. An especially thoughtful gift for friends and family who find it hard to pamper themselves.

Spoilt HK,