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By Adele Wong | September 17th, 2015

For better or worse, every city has its own endearing quirks. From hilarious habits to age-old traditions, here’s how to spot a true Hongkonger…

1. You use a stirring stick to drink your hot coffee

straw coffee
I so got this. Photo: oddharmonic via Flickr CC

2. Umbrellas are your best friend, rain or shine

Not gonna save it for a rainy day

3. You eat macaroni… with your soup

Soup tastes awesome with everything. Photo: Hamron [CC by 2.0]

4. You push the elevator “close” button like there’s no tomorrow

elevator close
Better luck next time! Via Giphy

5. You wear a medical mask when you’re sick, anyone you know is sick, you think you might be getting sick, or it looks ever so slightly hazy outside.

medical face mask
You’re welcome! Photo: Edward Dalmulder via Flickr CC