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By Yannie Chan | July 6th, 2021

As happy as we are about the arrival of summer, the constant sweating is definitely not fun. While we can’t help with the humidity, we can recommend a good deodorant! And no, we’re not talking about traditional deodorant sprays with overpowering fragrances, but eco-friendly and naturally-scented deodorant sticks that get you smelling good all day long.

Deodorant by The Preface

Photo: The Preface

A Hong Kong homegrown brand that develops their own recipes and makes all its products here in the city, The Preface’s deodorants is one of their top-sellers. Traditional deodorants often use aluminium salts to control sweat and artificial fragrance to cover up associated body odour, but The Preface uses 100% natural ingredients including arrowroot and Kaolin clay, and offers four refreshing scents: Geranium, Peppermint, Palmarosa, and Grapefruit. The Preface admits that its deodorants are not as effective as controlling sweat — it recommends heavy sweaters to reapply throughout the day — but the range has received rave reviews in its ability to avoid body odour.

MOOD by Coconut Matter

Photo: Coconut Matter

Founded in 2015, Coconut Matter is a Hong Kong natural personal care brand that believes in sustainable sourcing and minimal-waste design. Their Mood natural deodorant range is made with up to 19 plant and mineral ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free. Just glide two to four swipes under your armpits and other sweaty areas. Each tube lasts for up to three months! Again, natural deodorants are not the best at controlling sweat, but mainly helps with controlling body odor. It also plastic-free, packaged in a zero-waste and compostable paper tube!

Deodorant by Mere Organics

Photo: Mere Organics

A long-lasting and natural deodorant that comes in a sustainable and plastic-free packaging. Formulated with arrowroot, a food-grade ingredient that helps absorb moisture, and magnesium hydroxide, a naturally-occurring compound that counteracts odor-causing bacteria, the deodorant comes in two luxurious scents: cedarwood and juniper berry, and lavender and bergamot.

Deodorant by Salt and Stone

Photo: Salt and Stone

Salt and Stone is an award-winning natural skin care brand based out of Los Angeles, California. Their natural deodorant comes in Formula Nº 1 and Nº 2, the latter being one without baking soda for sensitive skins. Formulated with probiotics to neutralize odor, Salt and Stone also added in hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and shea butter to soothe the skin. The packaging is made from ocean plastic and other recycled materials!

Basic Deo by Bathe to Basics

Photo: Bathe to Basics

If you’re not into deodorant sticks, Bathe to Basics’s roll-on deodorant is a great alternative. An all-natural botanical deodorant formulated with witch hazel, a natural astringent that helps to tighten pores and reduce sweating, and farnesol, a natural extract that can eliminate bad odor, Basic Deo will help you smelling fresh throughout the day.