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By Adele Wong | September 24th, 2015

You’ve booked a snazzy room, gathered a group, and are ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Don’t forget this checklist to ensure a no-holds-barred evening.

  1. First things first: get a bottle of Johnny Walker and a pitcher of green tea for everyone in the room.

Johnny Walker and green tea
JW and GT on the rocks, please. Photo: UncleTobys/


  1. Play it safe. Go on, strap on those mic condoms.

Mic Condom
Play it safe with a mic condom. Photo: thomasdeckert at


  1. If you’re with some gweilos, get Bohemian Rhapsody outta the way while everyone can still string words together.


  1. If it’s nearing 1am, then the energy’s probably wavering. It’s definitely time for a round of Liar’s Dice. Or…Break out those fists for “15-20”, Hong Kong’s de facto drinking game, entertaining inebriated souls way before Beer Pong and Kings were even invented.

Liar's Dice
You can’t call it a proper karaoke session without a game of Liar’s Dice. Photo: By Dicemanic 

You snooze, you lose! Photo:
You snooze, you lose! Photo:


5. For the finale, get the team back together with this Sam Hui feel-gooder: