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30 Under 30
By Andrea Lo | February 28th, 2019

Artist, musician and queer advocate

Vincy Chan Wan-hei has an eclectic résumé. An artist, songwriter and vocalist in local sextet prototyke lab, they have variously been a studio art assistant, Chinese tutor, social media specialist, marketing assistant and graphic designer in the past.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chan went to Minnesota for college and work, returning to their home city in 2016.

Their path wasn’t always so varied: as a teen, they interned at a law chamber. “It made me realize what most of my classmates at the time envisioned their careers to be, wasn’t something I wanted.”

As a non-binary trans person, Chan is deeply involved in queer advocacy in Hong Kong. “I’m particularly invested in raising awareness and increasing visibility for non-binary trans, genderqueer and genderfluid folks,” they explain.

During their tenure at Amnesty International Hong Kong’s LGBTI volunteer group, Chan organized queer outings. And as the 2018 leadership fellow at Resolve Foundation, an NGO that promotes inclusion, leadership and equality, they raised awareness on marginalized genders and sexualities.

“I think things have changed for the better — even if slightly — over the past decade,” reflects Chan, who adds that there is more public discourse about the community. However, they note that there conversations concerning marginalized queer folks, who suffer from multiple discriminations, are lacking in the mainstream queer movement.

While Chan has attended and performed at queer events around the world, they hope the same could be replicated in Hong Kong — and that there could be more positive representation of the community.

“I would like to see more positive fictional and journalistic representation of queer people — and especially trans people — in media [and for us to be] represented in ways that doesn’t sensationalise our identities or trauma.”

What inspires them? “Watching members of my community thrive in their own ways.”

What are they proud of? “Right now, being able to make it through another day.”

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