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30 Under 30
By Andrea Lo | February 28th, 2019

Co-founder, ThinkCol; co-founder, Hong Kong Data Science Society

Hongkonger Sam Ho grew up in Canada, and moved back here seven years ago. After interning at an equity analyst firm in Canada, he had a change of heart. “I realized that I prefer to solve company problems rather than just analyze them for investment purposes, so I became a management consultant instead.”

He worked as a senior data analytics consultant and began thinking about starting up his own firm — one that would change the way enterprises implement artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

ThinkCol, an AI consultancy firm, was born in 2016. It connects local tech talents with enterprises through tech competitions, and provides training for companies in developing their own AI solutions.

As Ho puts it, ThinkCol “puts the entire Enterprise AI development process on steroids.”

“Our focus was to inspire business-savvy staff in large enterprises to come up with solid AI ideas with the intention of making these solutions come to life,” he explains.

He also co-founded Hong Kong Data Science Society, a nonprofit that bridges the gap between data scientist professions with corporations via events and workshops.

It’s clear that Ho’s passion is in AI: “I am very proud of how my business partner and I have managed to inspire many people to apply AI  to their work for the first time. And when history asks how Hong Kong became such an AI-driven city, I’ll be proud to say that we played a part in it.”

His role model? “Any entrepreneur who has built and sold a software product to customers are my role models.”

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