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30 Under 30
By Andrea Lo | February 28th, 2019

Managing director, HYPE

Hongkonger Jen Loong is responsible for bringing some of the world’s biggest brands — Groupon, Lululemon and TOMS — to the Hong Kong and China markets.

She also founded WanderSnap, a a service that connects photographers and videographers with travellers who want to capture selfie-free images of their adventures, IN 2016. Called the “AirBnB of photography,” that business became available in more than 50 cities in Asia.

Having “learned a lot” from the journey, Loong exited the business in 2018 and today is a managing director at HYPE, a company that helps high-growth companies expand into the Asia region.

“What I realized was my strengths lied in building things from ground-up on a tight timeline,” she explains. “I decided to focus using more of my strength and to be able to share it with other founders eager to hyper growth in a new market in Asia.”

“I am proud of every team I got to be a part of, and the lasting work that they have done in many times even I have long left the company.”

With her expertise in entrepreneurship and consumer lifestyle movements, Loong says she is most proud of being part of every team she’s been a part of — whether that’s “spotting a red Lululemon manifesto bag being carried on the streets of Shanghai, or a pair of TOMS worn by a fellow flyer in an airport in inner China.”

“I hope to encourage more women to embark on venture capital or entrepreneurship in Hong Kong as a way of building world-class innovations that create substantial social change,” she says.

Her first job? Working as a retail associate at a clothing chain in Vancouver.

What inspires her? “The sheer desire to equal the gap, whatever the gap maybe.”

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