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30 Under 30
By Andrea Lo | February 28th, 2019

Co-founders, Freehunter

Harris Cheng and Jerome Tse co-founded Freehunter, a social networking site that connects freelancers in the creative industries with clients, such as photographers, videographers and graphic designers.

The Hongkongers understood the freelance struggle. Cheng had been a freelance photographer and videographer since he was 19, which he says was “probably the trigger” for the founding of Freehunter in 2017.

Meanwhile, Tse worked in product development for startups and various companies. “I realized that many people… were forced to do work they dislike because they needed to maintain a living,” Tse says. “Some of my friends are pretty good and hard-working singers and magicians, however they do not have enough connections to earn a living through doing what they love. They needed to stop doing what they are passionate about, and end up an accountant or engineer.

“It’s not like these industries aren’t good — I am an engineer myself — it’s just that they don’t really enjoy their work,” Tse adds.

“The biggest motivation I have is that people always want to do what they love but it’s hard for them,” Cheng says. “What pushed us along the way is that we want to help people do what they truly love.”

The goal is to offer freelancing talents security, speed and quality, the founders say.

“Imagine a world, where everyone’s career is what they love,” Tse says. “Isn’t it beautiful and exciting?”

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