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30 Under 30
By Andrea Lo | February 28th, 2019

Co-founder, weCareBill; law student

Hongkonger Gracia Tsui says she grew up “mesmerized” by how doctors made use of stereoscopes, and administer treatments to patients.

“I am truly fascinated by the magic of how a pair of concerned hands can heal the sick,” she says.

Currently a law student at CUHK, Tsui says she wanted to contribute to the Hong Kong healthcare system regardless of whether she ends up a medical practitioner. That was what led her to co-found weCareBill in 2017. A database platform and registered charity, it improves the price transparency of local medical services with a comprehensive database and chatbot services.

“We empower patients to choose affordable doctors and strive for a betterment of a more sustainable healthcare system,” she explains. Chatbots provide information, which makes the service more user-friendly. “We hope to alleviate the mounting pressure of long queue and long working hours of medical staff in public hospitals.”

That’s not all. At CUHK, she is also the president of Enactus, a student-led society that promotes entrepreneurship. She is also a volunteer speaker with UNICEF, conducting talks with schools on topics like child trafficking.

“Not actually knowing what’s next ahead for me, I have enjoyed my work with weCareBill tremendously,” she says. Ultimately, she’s all about bringing positive changes to the community. “To me, giving back to the society through long-term entrepreneurial actions is encouraging and satisfying.”

Her first job? Teaching piano.

Her role models? “Big shout out to my parents!”

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