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By Gayatri Bhaumik | May 4th, 2016

Where to? Europe

Why you’ll love it: All aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, where vintage cabins, first-class cuisine and white-glove service await. A blast from the past — at least in terms of old-world glamor — the various journeys roll through the Europe’s most captivating cities and landscapes.

Choose from one- to six-day itineraries, which pass through the likes of London, Berlin, Paris, Venice, and Istanbul. Along the way, you’ll be treated to the impeccable hospitality enjoyed by famous passengers like writer Leo Tolstoy or actress Marlene Dietrich.

Fun fact: This is the legendary train that inspired British crime novelist Agatha Christie’s most famous book, Murder on the Orient Express. Other famous passengers included writer Leo Tolstoy, revolutionary Leon Trotsky, spy Mata Hari — and the fictional James Bond.

Get there: Cathay Pacific flies to all of the train’s starting points, including London, Paris and Istanbul.

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